Our Values

Creatures of the Night connects communities and families through a feeling of wonder and trepidation. Creatures’ highest priority is safety – of the physical surroundings and internal process – for the actors and for our guests. In our method of storytelling, we believe it is the inner child that
is on a journey of challenging and overcoming fears, both physical and internal. Every participant is always in control of the experience and their level of comfort. Under that umbrella, Creatures seeks to foster and promote the following:

▪ Education / Mentorship
▪ Community Engagement and Inclusion
▪ Family Friendly Entertainment
▪ Situationally Connective Deep Themed Storytelling
▪ Therapeutic Milieu Based Experiences

▪ Innovation in Design
▪ Recycling / Sustainable Practices
▪ Environmental Protection
▪ Conservation
▪ Cruelty Free Treatment of Animals


“Halloween is in the hearts and history of every culture.”

david d. jones  |  Co-Founder



Six years ago, a group of home haunters banded together as Creatures of the Night (Creatures) and created an original new urban legend surrounding the origin of “Mary” at Mary S. Young Park in West Linn, Oregon. Creatures has now grown into a large collection of volunteers comprised of neighbors, families, students, co-workers, and friends, all dedicated to making the most amazing Fall event in the Greater Portland area. Creatures of the Night has been pushing the envelope with new technologies and storytelling concepts for haunted attractions. Members of the team speak at conventions around the country teaching the unique methods we use to tell a community reflective, haunted experience story. 

West Linn Haunted Trail

Creatures began working in partnership with West Linn Parks & Recreation on their existing annual Haunted Trail at the Mary S. Young Park in 2011. Creatures created – and continues to build upon – the deep-themed storyline of Mary which has now become a local legend. Creatures runs the Haunted Trail from inception to close, providing story creation, character development, trail design and layout, scene design, scene construction and build, grant procurement, volunteer coordination, marketing, ticket sales, graphic design, tech innovation, corporate partnerships, community liaison, and attraction management. Creatures’ production has grown in scope and size each year, increasing the 2017 attendance of the Haunted Trail to three times the 2011 attendance. We have now reached capacity for the number of attendees that the current location can entertain. Creatures has streamlined costs of production and advertising, increasing revenue from $8,000 in 2011 to $33,000 in 2017.


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